Monday, March 27, 2017

Bad Religion - "The Answer"

Long ago in a dusty villagefull of hunger, pain and strifea man came forth with a vision of truthand the way to a better lifehe was convinced he had the answerand he compelled people to follow alongbut the hunger never vanishedand the man was banishedand the village dried up and died

At a time when wise men peeredthrough glass tubes toward the skythe heavens changed in predictable waysand one man was able to findthat he had thought he found the answerand he was quick to write his revelationbut as they were scutinizedin his colleagues eyeshe soon became a mockery

don't tell me about the answer'cause then another one will come along soonI don't believe you have the answerI've got ideas toobut if you've got enough naiveteand you've got convictionthen the answer is perfect for you

An urban sprawl sits choking on its dischargeoverwhelmed by industrysearching for a modern day savior from another placeinclined toward charityeveryone's begging for an answerwithout regard to validitythe searching never endsit goes on and on for eternity

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